Wealth Protection solutions for the European clients of professional advisers.

We create insurance solutions to protect your clients personal and business wealth.

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Incorporated in 1988, Adviser Platform holds a unique licence and regulatory permissions throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) including the United Kingdom.

Adviser Platform creates and distributes international wealth protection products to professional advisers. Lawyers, accountants, Trustees and financial institutions are then enabled to provide holistic solutions to HNWI clients, family offices, corporations and trusts.

Our unique licence means we have access to a diverse range of markets and products to drive trading opportunities.


Our qualified representatives and introducers are currently enjoying outstanding results and are keen to expand their activities with us. We see our growth coming from the high-quality support and recruitment of qualified professional advisers.

Successful candidates receive management support and compliance training, flexible work arrangements, additional unlimited earnings and the chance to live in new vibrant locations.

If you are thinking of retiring or if you want to expand your business, we have the right offer for you.

The Platform

In an era of exploding media choices and heightened expectations for timeliness and relevancy, consumers are increasingly assuming control of their relationships with their various professional advisers. This phenomenon is rewriting the rules for how financial service professionals engage with customers, creating both challenges and opportunities for forward thinking organisations.

We understand that independent means unique and have designed our flexible proposition platform around what advisers have told us they need. A platform to improve efficiency and create a positive customer experience.

By consolidating data from multiple sources we can create a rich understanding of each customer’s needs and preferences. Empowering partners with the ability to create personalised, relevant advise that directly impact retention, growth, satisfaction and profitability. As we progress, we will continue to introduce more technology as well as new and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for both client and advisers.


The broking industry has always been built on relationships, and this is where our reputation within the industry really sets us apart. Our experience in assisting professional advisers and our clear understanding of the specific needs of wealth protection for expatriate clients drawn from our own international origins.

We assist professional advisers to capitalise on untapped opportunities that exist within European Economic Area (EEA). Combined with our financial services expertise, makes an ideal solution for maximising your revenue. If you're looking specifically for an international wealth protection solution for a client, look no further.

Our core purpose is to support our professional introducers, and use our collective strength to help them establish lasting and beneficial client relationships.

Contact Us

In the first instance please leave a voice message on our 24hr UK number: 00 44 (0) 1962 658454
Your enquiry will then be allocated in the strictist of confidence to the most appropriate person to assist you, with further information. We are available to help at whatever level suits your business – from easy templates and guides right through to full consultancy support.

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